A Letter to my Daughter

(This is a note, word of Wisdom from My Mother to her Daughter, A note to My Daughter, and from her to her Daughter).

I woke up this day suddenly with a snap, remembering that to make (a success of) it through the Day, you have to take charge of your morning. So I tell you my dear daughter:

Take charge of your Morning so you can dominate your day- Figuratively & Literally- making a success of it.

And I tell you: NEVER EVER GIVE UP

Set a goal for each day, each week, each month, each year and even for life. Aim towards achieving this goal daily. Because what is LIFE if lived without a purpose?

There is joy in Little beginnings, because it is the continuous drop of water that makes an ocean.

Make Challenge your friend, see a challenge as a propeller, the reason you MUST get to your Destination.

Let the BEST of others be your beginning…

Never ever subject yourself to limits! That is dangerous . Because my dear, the Impossible becomes easy when you SET your mind to achieving your goal. And I say again, never ever give up.

Listen, I just caught this new revelation. Even though it’s still this same old wine that is being juggled up in a new wine-skin. Hmmm, the taste is still the same? Well, I think it gets better each day.

Yes before I forget: Never ever settle for ORDINARY! You are too blessed to be ordinary. Make EXTRAORDINARY your best friend. Keep her company day and night.

Put a touch of dimension in every little thing you do. Make it different, put all your efforts in it, your love, your heart, your strength and it shall come out beautiful! And that is the EXTRA in ordinary.

And please! Never ever settle for less. Do not make compromise or being cheap a second nature. Trust me, people take you for your worth. So make YOU worthwhile. Let them pay high price for you. They are getting the BEST VALUE for their money anyway.


Make yourself better every day. The day you cease to learn, is the day you start to diminish. So never stop learning. Explore and take advantage of opportunities. Learn, and grow and develop and fly, soaring to the highest of places. And change the world with newly acquired dimensions.

My dear daughter, and this is the most beautiful of all secrets: GIVERS NEVER LACK.

Give! Give, give, give and give! Even when you have nothing (seemingly) still give; cash, clothes, materials. Share your knowledge, your time, your intelligence, your creativity. Blessed is the hand that GIVETH than the hand that taketh.

Never ever for one moment hesitate giving to God. Never ever hesitate to help your fellow man. Cultivate the second nature of caring for your neighbour. Make a friend from the lowliest of places. Let people in high places look for you to share with you, to be your friend. They will look for you because you are great!

Make God your selling point, in and out. He loves you so much you know, so you’ve also got to love him unconditionally.

See God, and love God in your fellow man.  Make service to God and man your emblem.

Let me tell you a secret, the greatest leaders/minds in this world have made service their second nature. A true leader is he who serves. When a man of God tells you to do a chore for him, please do not hesitate. Therein lies an (your) unfathomable blessing.

Humility is the key to going places. Be humble, even in the peaks of your moments.

Be happy! Laugh heartily. It unburdens the mind and lightens the heart. Do not keep a frowning face. Gosh! It gives you wrinkles, and makes you look older.

Keep to mind to be young at heart always…hold no grudge. Speak your mind and let the longest of your grudge dissipates that very moment. Let go of unnecessary burdens. Bitterness, and burdens would only drag you down. Do not let them have a place, even a tiny one at that, in your heart.

Once again, let go of unnecessary burden and do not keep malice. Those are time-wasters; and they can drag you down.

Do not give room for fear, it’s just a devil’s trick. You’re a child of God.

Pray without season nor ceasing…

I call it a conversation with God, your Father.

I call it taking charge of your life

I call it not giving in to the rustles and noise of the enemies

I call it making God your Fortress

Live your life with care, and without cares (worries); knowing that each day is a new beginning just as the end would surely beckon. So be ready!

Never give in to negativity. It is a bile that corrupts the good. Walk through ashes with your head high. Stay positive always because YES YOU CAN! You can be what you want and set out to be. Delay is not denial (shey you hear). Do not give in to set back, it’s just a conduit that would catapult you to your glory.

Yes You CAN…

You are a Rainbow!

You are a STAR!

YES you are!